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Learning to be well by being a body


What is the Grinberg Method?

The Grinberg Method is a bodywork and learning methodology focused on teaching people how to:


  • develop body attention to calm the mind and restore health and vitality.

  • experience pain and fear in new ways and transform them into energy and resources.

  • stop limitations and regain personal freedom in life.

  • recover unique qualities and abilities lost in traumas or never explored and use them to become responsible for changes in life.

 Read more about it:

- Official Site of the Grinberg Method

- The Grinberg Method's Disclaimer

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What brings you to start a body learning process?

People usually come to me because they want to change something in their life and feel stuck in the process of getting what they want.

The reasons for getting sessions are truly individual and may go from the wish to stop suffering from any kind of pain to reaching any specific goal or developing certain qualities in their life.


Here are some examples of aims you may want to work on in sessions with me:

  • to handle chronic or non-chronic physical pain (migraines, constipation, inflammation…)

  • to stop feeling exhausted, to change the way you feel in your body

  • to find the willpower to achieve your dream

  • to sleep and rest better

  • to manage or stop stress

  • to find freedom in a relationship or specific situations

  • to gain clarity when facing dilemmas

  • to learn to experience fear in order to face what you are afraid of.

The possibilities are endless.

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What to expect from working with me?

It is in the context of 60 min. one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific aim that we meet to work.

In these sessions, you learn to become more attentive to what comes between you and your goal and gain confidence in your own ability to move forward in your life.


The tools I use in the sessions to support your personal learning process are touch, verbal guidance, breath-work, and movement. I may also develop a training program made of specific exercises and practices you can take home to deepen your learning in between sessions.


These sessions are not to be considered as treatment, therapy, or healing sessions.

You are in fact taking an active part in our meetings in comparison to passively receiving a massage or being told what to do. We both work together to set the foundations and best chances for you to reach your aim and generally by raising your body attention.

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