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Body Learning

Juliette Viger

Somatic teaching
& Bodywork

Somatic teaching
& Bodywork

Your body can help you more

than you ever imagined,

if you let it.

I guide you in developing deep-focused

body attention and in taking full responsibility

for your well-being through your body.


What can I support you with?

Dealing with stress, anxiety & change

Pain management & physical trauma recovery

Taking the stage

in your life

You are fighting often with anxiety and stress, and find many situations difficult to handle. 


Break free from the draining

and limited patterns that keep you overwhelmed:

reclaim energy, well-being, and wholeness.

You are dealing with physical issues, like chronic pain or

went through an operation or physical trauma.

Learn to manage fear, handle pain, and focus on healing.

Maximize your body's natural healing capacity during recovery.

You have issues with setting boundaries, stating your opinions, standing out, or being confident in your relationships, at work, etc.

Learn through your body how to end the cycle of self-loathing, finally embrace your inherent worthiness, and partake in your life as the most authentic you.

I Offer

My body learning sessions are available online (via video call) and in person in Copenhagen.

In our first meeting, called the assessment session, we define the aim you want to reach

in a learning process or a recovery process, depending on your wishes and needs.




In our first meeting,

we define the aim you wish to reach in the learning process.

​Aims can come from the wish to stop suffering from physical conditions, repetitive reactions

to stressful situations,

or the wish

to change or

gain something

in your life.


The assessment is based

on a foot analysis to get

an impression of your general condition in the context

of your aim.




In a learning process,

you have a series

of 1-hour sessions

focusing on

personal development.




In a recovery process, you go through a series of 1-hour sessions specifically addressing acute and recurring physical conditions.


What is
Body Learning
based on?

Body Learning is based on the Grinberg Method  which is a bodywork and learning methodology focused on teaching people how to:


  • develop body attention to calm the mind and restore health and vitality.


  • experience pain and fear in new ways and transform them into energy and resources.


  • stop limitations and regain personal freedom in life.


  • recover unique qualities and abilities lost in traumas or never explored and use them to become responsible for life changes.

Who is
Juliette Viger?

Passionate about movement, life, the arts, and personal development, my mission lies in contributing to the world by supporting the growth of all individuals through my work as a Grinberg Method practitioner, as a free-form dance teacher, and through my most original artistic expression

in the form of visual arts and storytelling.


Although born and raised in France, I have called Denmark my home for the last 12 years. Residing and working

in Copenhagen, I thrive on living life in ways that amplify

my sense of vitality and freedom.


Contact Information

Rosendalsgade 8, Shuniya Clinic
2100, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone number
+45 52 24 01 11

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