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"The Grinberg Method helps to connect body and mind, to understand that those two things are and will always be connected.

I think of my body more as a map now and it is easier for me to connect a certain physical tension to an emotion.

The two things unravel parallel."


"Working with Juliette and the Grinberg Method has been so good.

I have been seeing therapists over the years and doing a lot of talking about the anxiety problems I have been struggling with,

but in the end I realised that I had to integrate my body to go even deeper and connect my head with my body.

It has been so good to work with Juliette! She has made me aware of areas in my body where I have been blocked, and we have worked on releasing the tension and energy that has been stuck. This has made me a lot calmer, and much more sure of myself.

I have an easier time working and focusing without feeling cluttered in my head - and when I start to feel that, I breathe deep into my stomach and release the tension.

I am very sure I will go back to doing a second round with her, because I feel there is so much more work to do and that I can go even deeper. I am so grateful for the work she is doing, and I think everyone could benefit so much from this method - it’s so good for taking us out of our heads and into our bodies.

Thank you Juliette!"


"The work with Juliette and this method greatly helps to soften blocked and difficult emotions and makes me feel more present and at home in myself. It also gave me tools to have an easier time in handling my tinnitus."


"I found a treatment that helps me taking care of my body. Differently from the other treatments I tried, this one doesn't promise me the end of my problems but get me to understand how I function, meaning, I have the chance to correct my habits and in the long run hopefully get better as well.

Plus it is extremely pleasant."



"The sessions were relaxing in the moment. For me the long term benefit was mostly psychological, getting better at coping

with the pain and ignoring it/listening to my body and not be worried of all its symptoms of healing.

[I learnt] to be more confident that pain can change, making me more positive in general. I still have a long way to go, but at

the moment I feel I can face it more openly one day at a time." 



" In a short time I could already feel so many changes not only in my body but also in my relationship with it. I felt that I've let go of a lot of resistance and defence I had towards showing and working with my body. I have a better understanding of "where" some of my emotions and stress tend to show in my body

and how to release them."


"I became interested in the Grinberg Method after reading articles and testimonials as I was looking for techniques to manage my anxieties. I am aware that we all live with fears and that these fears can cause us a certain stress. As for me, who approaches 80 years old and know these problems well, I decided to do something about these anxieties by trying this method. All I can say: Great!

From the first session with Juliette, who manages to put you at ease with her pleasant and soft voice, I felt an apparent change in my body and was able to regain a certain inner peace.

In each session, I learn a little more to relax and I want to continue this learning.

There are many themes in our lives for which Juliette can help us.

One thing is now certain for me: the body works with the mind. "


"The Grindberg Method "initiates a soft and friendly dialogue between each part of your being, a reconnection between your body and your mind, and a deep learning that the experience of your life is in your hands" and this is what that offers

the great and beautiful Juliette Viger!
5 videoconference sessions with her made me open my eyes to a lot of things: ineffective body reflexes, buried desires, silent blockages and above all a lot of lost energy. It is greatly the time to learn to listen to yourself in order to better listen to others.
Thank you Juliette for your support and your kindness!
And as a little extra: her sessions also make you want to dance!"


"Sometimes we already know mentally and rationally, what would be helpful to change, but there is unconsciously a blocking. This blocking or resistance is not always easy to put into words directly. To activate the full network (especially the body sensation) while experiencing imaginative a situation with dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, helps to let your body express something hidden, for example fears. By feeling it in the body, it starts to be real and by making it real, a process of integrating, deeper understanding and also healing in some way can start. Juliette created and hold a safe space for this amazing experience. Step by step I was feeling more and more trust into this process. There was never a pushing or forcing. I could feel the deep trust of Juliette as a practitioner in every moment, which was encouraging me in such a beautiful way. This trustful therapeutical relationship was also an important aspect of this journey." 



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