(via Zoom or Skype in English or French)

Free assessment and

first guided online session

We talk about your topic, define your goal and the first steps for the learning process. In the following session

you will experience how thoughts become quieter, you feel your body more attentively. 

With this awareness, you will find out that you can enable change in

an uncomfortable state (anxiety, panic, worry, fear, overwhelmed) and  make room for well-being, lightness, clarity and new options.

Guided online sessions

in a learning process

Through a learning process I teach you to perceive your body and to pay attention to what limits you physically, emotionally and mentally.


I will guide you to stop and transform those reactions into the physical energy you need to deal with what you are going through, enabling a high level of self-empowerment and presence.

By allowing and opening yourself up to your ability to release all efforts and be in the flow of what is happening without fighting or resisting it, you will experience a strengthening of your self-confidence and vitality.


First assessment and initial session:

free of charge

or donation-based

Regular session


375 DKK

4 sessions package


1400 DKK

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