After graduating from The Animation Workshop and working as

a multi-faceted visual artist and animator, I realised that my love for movement and body awareness was too big to stay constricted

to what my mind and creativity could make of it.

As well as being too big for a piece of paper, a screen or a desk.

I decide in 2017 to move to Berlin and study free-form dance.

Already a few steps back into my body, I find myself that same year receiving my first Grinberg Method sessions to handle a 2 years old chronic shoulder inflammation. I was so amazed by the effectivity and results of this methodology.

During this process, I receive a deep insight into a practice I would want to share with the world. 


In 2018, I start my training as Grinberg Method Practitioner and begin to work with clients all around Europe. I learn as a practitioner as well as a client to handle other long chronic issues (asthma, constipation, stress, release of emotional traumas...) and to enhance our life experience through the art of body attention.


This work gives me the greatest hopes in our power as individuals to learn lessons and abilities from our bodies like:

- rehabilitating the natural potential our bodies have to heal and adapt to life's ever-changing challenges. 

- reintegrate the wisdom and flow from what the mind cannot comprehend into ourselves.

- bringing back a sense of well-being and responsibility in our lives.

- going beyond limitations and moving towards greater freedom.

I am French, from the Parisian region, have lived and studied in Denmark for 6 years and Berlin for 2 years.

I have moved back to Denmark 1 year ago and today I work with all my passions (animation, illustration, teaching...) while finishing

my Grinberg studies in Spain and travelling around Europe.


To book a session, to find out more about

the Grinberg Method, to hire me for art purposes or to say hi, write me at