Invented in the 1980s

by Avi Grinberg,

the method is based on the idea that our physical condition is the result of repetitive patterns -

or ways we repeatedly live

our life.

The Grinberg Method® is a method focused on teaching

body attention as a means to regain our natural ability to heal from chronic pains, to break out of repetitive patterns (stress, worries, boredom, fear...) or to achieve change in ones life through the body. 

Those patterns are physical

(the way we move, hold

ourselves, deal with pain...),

emotional (dealing with fear or emotions) and mental

(what we tell ourselves,


With greater body attention, you learn to notice the ways you behave around specific situations, such as blocking or limiting ones, and responsibly start bringing changes of attitude towards them. 

Such work gives you the opportunity to start a gentle and friendly dialog between each and every part of your being.

Through a series of sessions called a PROCESS,

and with a clear AIM in mind (defined during an assessment session), you become ready to experience life as a whole reunited potential (mind, heart and body) that can bring healing into your life as well as success,

growth and self-development.

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Juliette Viger