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Freeform dance practice created by JULIETTE VIGER

ANIMADANCE takes the participants to a space where they can build a stronger and more sensitive connection to their bodies while learning to move authentically around each other and find their own way to express non-verbally and be themselves more fully through movement.


ANIMADANCE reconnects the links between each part of ourselves (body, mind...) and is founded on a playful and free-form approach to dance.

From a frenzied day of sitting work, crazy private events, or simply life surprising act upon us,

it is possible to take a time off to sink all this epic journey into our body, listen to its interpretations of it all, shake it off, enjoy our physicality and relax into it.


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*in order to start on time, make sure to come 5 to 10 minutes before.

The ANIMADANCE practice is inspired by Transformative Dance, principles of Authentic Movement and Ecstatic Movement, Art and Dance therapy, Body Attention teachings, Meditation, and more.

No prior dance experience is needed. You must simply come with a curious and adventurous mind, ready to investigate what your body has to offer.


After graduating from The Animation Workshop and working as a multi-faceted visual artist and animator, 

I realized that my love for movement and body awareness was too big to stay constricted to what my mind and creativity could make of it.

As well as being too big for a piece of paper,

a screen or a desk.

I decided in 2017 to move to Berlin and study free-form dance through the Transformative Dance Facilitators Training program created by Hadas Fisher Oren.

This careful and thorough look into what movement and dance bring into our lives on a physical, mental, and spiritual level opens my eyes. It gives me the motivation to embody my own vision of dance and create classes following what I believe can make

one's life better.


In my classes, I bring the power of imagination, playfulness, and sensibility to help the participants

to get in touch with their creative power.


While creating Animadance,
I also take great

pleasure in exploring other passions of mine, in relation to movement,
bodywork, and art.

Find out more about these by following those two links.

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