"2 ANS D'HP"

Graphic Novel written by Marie Dufour,

illustrated and edited by Juliette Viger,

self-published in 2019.

2 ans d'HPis an illustrated autobiography

of the author, Marie (aka Marduf) and illustrated by Juliette Viger (aka Java). 


Through a series of light-hearted and reflective 

anecdotes, we follow Marie's everyday from when she was a school teacher

in a psychiatric hospital.


From the unexpected turns of events Marie could get from her students to the routine an educator has in such establishment, we get a sense of an underrated reality many of us experience in society everyday, when living around or working with mentally challenged children or people.  

01_1eredecouverture copy.jpg

2 ans d'HPwas entirely crowdfunded and self-published through

the belgian crowdfunding platform "Éditions Sandawe".   

The following illustrations are samples from the whole book. 

2 ans d'HPis currently available in FRENCH as an ebook on Amazon. 

The idea of 2 ans d'HPwas born in 2018, in Berlin, where Marduf joined forces with Java to finally manifest by all means this project she truly wished to be.

The two friends worked over a year to set up a crowdfunding

and finalise the book in 2019.


You can follow the making of it on Instagram and FB.